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 Shadocon 2011 Recap and Review

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PostShadocon 2011 Recap and Review

I just got back from Shadocon today.

Instead of simply making a blog rambling on about the event and weekend, i'll make a list of things attended/held and their overall reception, along with a brief review.

Dealer's Room

How to describe it? Well, the dealer's room was controlled chaos at worst. There was no one clear flow of people in or out. it was difficult to even walk in there, but there were many awesome deals to be had. I walked away with a wolf knife, and a wall scroll of Castlevania: order of ecclasia.

The flow issue was amended by late saturday however.

Final Fantasy Ball

Where to even start? Okay, this years ball was a continuation of last years.Using dissidia's plot line as an insperation, the VERY talented cast of actors and actresses really did follow through on their promise of a night to remember.

Introducing Balthier and Fran as wild cards in the war between Cosmos and Chaos was a brilliant idea, and the choice of music was an excellent blend of traditional slow dance, and trance/techno.

As for the plot of the ball, Balthier and Fran went out on their own hoping to make a quick fortune by acting as a "Neutral party" planning on selling the crystals of the worlds each warrior came from as they appeared.

This was woven into the night especially well, and the cast danced the night away in character with every attendee that deigned to ask.

The Shadow Tournament and Breakdance Breakdown.

This years shadow tournamet, as like last years, saw two teams of trained choreographer's fighting it out in a brilliant display of martial and acting skill. Sadly, I was only able to see about an hour of it tops on saturday.

The breakdance breakdown...well, put simply, is a break dance themed performance with a plot.

It actually was so popular, the event hall it was held in was filled to well over capacity. Literally, people were all the way to the entrance way watching the event as it unfolded.

.Hack://Sign The Musical

Now i'll be honest here. I have seen what this cast could do before at metrocon, and I was NOT impressed at all by it. So naturally when i went to see this event I had expected to walk out part way through.

I was DEAD wrong.

There was a very, very talented cast of singers and actors assembled for this. In fact, I'd dare say professional grade broad way level.

Mimiru's singer's performance hit me like a bag of bricks dropped from a 75 floor high building top.

Every note was performed with heart and soul, and sounded perfect. The actor for sora slipped into his role naturally like it was a second skin, and Bear's actor delivered a stellar performace with his songs as well.

Now in the begining there were...complications. See, the stage hands knocked over ALL the backdrops on accident. You wouldn't believe how fast that was corrected if you were there. It was all but 45 seconds and the show was underway.

It served as a sort of abriging of the actual series, telling the story of wave master Tsukasa, lady Suburu, Crimm, Sora, and the rest.

I came out of that event with a new respect for freelance independant performers.

Now for a few pictures.seeing as it would be impossible to post them all here, i'll link you to an album.


Sadly Travis Wilingham was unable to attend shadocon this year due to his role in an upcoming feature film.

However, Chris Cason and Quinton Flynn both attended and put on quite the atmosphere.

I got away with a few swift autographs, and Quinton's opinion on the direction of Kingdom Hearts. He was not sure of where it will be heading, and wishes to repraise his role as Axel soon.

I had also asked Chris about Dragon Ball Z Kai's reception.
He stated his satisfaction with the remake, and his role therein, but also stated the power of nostalgia, and the memories that all DBZ veterans have also matter.

Taking this into consideration, he recounted some of his series that he watched when he was younger, and his distaste for their remakes calling it "natural, and a part of the industry".

Overall, It was one hell of a whirlwind spinning, color and melody changing, blast from out of right field. The weekend had its flaws, but the teams and staff did a very good job handling them as they arose.

For its first year standing alone without aid, they did well.
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Shadocon 2011 Recap and Review :: Comments

Re: Shadocon 2011 Recap and Review
Post on Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:05 pm by Viinasu
ooooooh, that sounds awesome! glad you had fun! n.n

*looks at your album* aweshum... @.@

Shadocon 2011 Recap and Review

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