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 Woman arrested for being black

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Zanta Claus
Zanta Claus

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PostSubject: Woman arrested for being black   Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:16 pm

Quote :
Braidwood, Illinois calls itself a red carpet community, which suggests that visitors to the tiny town should expect to be treated like celebrities. Does not apply to brown-skinned visitors, though! In that case you might expect to be treated like a criminal, at least by some of the local cops.

On the day of her arrest, Jones was a meter reader for Commonwealth Edison and decked out in her ComEd uniform and reflective vest.

An expert on this matter is Christina Jones—a brown-skinned woman who visited Braidwood for work-related reasons in August 2005 and was arrested for no other reason than that she was black, pretty much. I mean, the official charge was "obstructing a police officer," but Jones hadn't actually committed that crime and the charges against her ended with a direct verdict in her favor. Jones subsequently filed a civil suit and won a $59,000 settlement; just this week, Courthouse News Service reports, a federal judge affirmed that she could keep that settlement money, get herself something nice.

The Concerned Citizen who had placed the call told the 911 dispatcher that "a person of color" was photographing houses. The officers had no reason to believe that Jones was up to anything besides trying to do her damn job, the court found.

White people. smh

Set by me
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Epitome of Weirdness
Epitome of Weirdness

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PostSubject: Re: Woman arrested for being black   Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:43 pm

lmao! these black people need to stop being so black all the time. >8(

Spectr wrote:
Vii is in charge!?


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Woman arrested for being black

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