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 So what is going on? Posting my thoughts and concerns

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PostSo what is going on? Posting my thoughts and concerns

Alright Anu. First off we deserve to know why you are going to close the site before you do it. Not just drop a "sorry" bomb on us. It's not fair to those not involved in whatever it is. This is also seemingly something (from my view) that can be fixed individually. Now, look at other sites that have A LOT more problems than MNF. AC, AR, AT, BW. I could go on and on. Point is they don't just close the site, if they do it's only because of extreme circumstances and they ALWAYS let the community know why in an announcement before they close it. In most cases they never close the site, I know this because I've been on many sites for years and years and seen a lot of stuff go down in a short and sometimes long periods of time. Yet things are only dealt with those involved and not those who are innocent (i.e closing the site) What happened has no logic. We deserve better.

I'd appreciate full details on why and until those hopefully very good reasons are stated I am not convinced and very disappointed.

PS: If this comes off as a drama blog to you then no it's not. I'm just sharing my views.
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So what is going on? Posting my thoughts and concerns :: Comments

HeWhoShallNotBeNamed wrote:
Dany wrote:
i love most of you
Love you too... Marry me? Epic Face

yes Epic Face Bee :banana:
Dany wrote:
yes Epic Face Bee :banana:
First of all, thanks for the support Rebirth and Ven. I've been stressed about saying the things I said, so it's nice to know that not everyone was bothered by them. I appreciate you guys backing me up ^^

I do agree with most of what was said in here. I think the main problem here is that anubis takes so much responsibility for people and tries to help with all the meaningless crap that gets dumped on her. I hope she can realize that nothing is her fault and that it's not her responsibility to deal with everyone's problems. And it was said already, but people need to realize that there are other staff members to take their problems too.

I also agree with rebirth on the blog. I think it's sad that the site was closed over something like this, and I think it was a little rude that it was done without any warning at all. And I was pretty convinced myself that it was my fault (and maybe it partly is) so it would have been nice to have some clarification. If she really wants to close the site, that is of course her decision, but it would have been nice to have a little notice or announcement at least. Though, I wish she'd just ban the annoying people (even if it was me) and let them sort things out themselves before they came back. Would probably work better >.>
Ohhh, and one more thing I forgot to mention...

Rebirth hit the nail on the head mentioning how sometimes people misunderstand what we (and others) are saying or out attitude in our posts. That's one of the major reasons i'm always wary about posting my opinions, and even when I have a billion disclaimers to say i'm not angry and stuff like that, there's still often someone who will take it the wrong way.

For example: disclaimer to this post: I'm not referring to anyone specific and nor am I saying this in reference to a post in here. Lets see if anyone still reacts to what I've said Razz

But my point is, I tend to write very formally when I'm trying to express an opinion and sometimes people seem to take that as hostile or angry because it's not loaded with smiley faces and lols. But it's really just my way of showing that I'm serious about what I'm saying and that I'm trying to express a respectful opinion. Though I don't know why I'm explaining that here, since I think everyone in here knows that about me for the most part O:

So what is going on? Posting my thoughts and concerns

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