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 >__<*Rage Quits*

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Post>__<*Rage Quits*

So here's to another day of trying to get things done, and failing horribly.

It started out simple today. Played a few games, surfed the web, applied for work...
Then it all went to shit.

I step out into the living room, only to trip over a baby bouncer seat conveniently placed right up against my slider door.

So I dust off, and decide it wasn't a big deal. I go to put it back where it belongs, and I discover the dogs couldn't hold themselves, because nobody walked them, and again as usual, nobody tells me so i could handle it. (neither of them are my dogs either)

So not only did I fall down first thing, but my kitchen is covered in crap and urine from the dogs as well.

Not to mention the sink being loaded down with dishes, there was a clean dishwasher nobody bothered to unload or even mention, and there was leftover dirty pots and pans on the stove from breakfast with the eggs and crap still caked on them! (speaking of breakfast i never did eat any.)

I'm getting angry but I manage to clean those up, and finally decide to get some food. A quick instant rice and pasta side dish I thought would be nice. So I open the damn pantry door and what do you know. Its a wreck, and boxes fall everywhere.

Its driving me crazy, and I just don't know how to tell them that they need to clean and keep things organized.

Well, I had enough of that, and decided i'd handle this once and for all. I started cleaning out the poorly organized pantry, and then they walk in. My sister freaks because there were a few empty surplus boxes next to the garbage can, and bitches about me cleaning. I told them if they're not gonna help manage the damn house, i'll just need to do it.
All the more proof i'm more mature than these two I figured.

Neither of em work, nor are they seriously active in looking for work. Been this way for about 4 months now, and i'm really getting concerned and angry.

Its like they think they're entitled to playtime in their own little world and push all the crap and responsibility onto my shoulders. Its probably the reason my mom kicked her ass out in the first place, and the same reason she dumped them on me to handle, basically saying "your problem now."

Makes me so damn angry. I just wanna keep punching at a wall until there's a hole in the framing.

Be damned with it all. I just don't know what to do anymore. I really need help, but its like nobody cares when I ask for them to handle their own mess. Gaaah, today sucks!!! >_<
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>__<*Rage Quits* :: Comments

Re: >__<*Rage Quits*
Post on Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:52 pm by Viinasu
that's awful, ghal! *gives you a cookie* >.< you should really move out, if you can. there's got to be some cheap apartments near you. D: i'm sorry... people can be such jerks sometimes. i really think you should move away from your sister as soon as you can, she just keeps taking advantage of you. x.x
Re: >__<*Rage Quits*
Post on Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:36 am by gamesharkakaflash
O______O kick back out to your mums >_> <_< >_>
Re: >__<*Rage Quits*
Post on Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:56 pm by Ghaleon
I really want to Vii. I really do, but its just too expensive. As it is, i could barely afford the rent, and all i get is 700 and somethin a month. 165 in food stamps.

So sadly, I can't afford to move out. Not until I get work, or find a RESPONSIBLE roommate. V_V

Flash, i can't kick em mom's livin with her boyfriend now, so its not her place.
Re: >__<*Rage Quits*
Post on Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:38 pm by Raven
well at least you try and thats whats important...yea it sounds like you need a better roommate too...its hard because i dont know what its like to have a roommate...but i do hope things get better for least ur responsible enough to realize what you need to do Very Happy
Re: >__<*Rage Quits*
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>__<*Rage Quits*

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