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 ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release

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ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release  Empty
PostArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release

For those interested in MMORPG's. This one in particular. Yes it will be out for NA and EU eventually.

Quote :


And to give you an idea of how massive the world of ArcheAge is:


ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release  Archeagew041280x720Rr1F038Mr2

ArcheAge features a massive, dynamic world
designed to be filled with your adventures!

All players begin their journey on either the Nuia or Harihara continents.
From there they explore the world, cooperating or competing with each other.
Remnants of the Lost Continent,
where the ancestors of the world's races lived together
in peace two thousand years ago, still dominate the landscape.
If you explore deep into the hearts of these ancient relics,
you may discover the secrets of legendary gods and heroes.
Or you may reveal more details about the catastrophe
that caused the Nuia and Harihara schism.
It all depends on your choices.

The results of ArcheAge's storytelling process
is determined by the choices you make.
You can cooperate with your enemies, win fame by helping people in danger,
or become a renowned craftsman
by making fine items or producing exceptional crops.
You can build a house and found a new town.
You can be a sailor and sail around the world.
You can be a lord of a castle and rule your territory.

Whatever kind of life you choose,
there is a place for you in ArcheAge's world.
The sea is not just a big pool you can swim in.
On the open ocean, you can hear the explosions of cannons
fired from a crumbling castle,
the roars of a dragon flying overhead,
or bawdy sailor songs echoing from a ship slicing through the waves.
You can go anywhere and can do anything.
You can choose your goal in life and fulfill it in any way you want.

Every decision you make could begin a new chapter
in the history of ArcheAge.

The Hariharans are humans like the Nuians, but they hate each others’ guts (the reasons behind the Hariharan schism haven’t been revealed yet). Hariharans are very Eastern fantasy themed compared to the more Western fantasy trope that the Nuians embody, and they also happen to preside over ArcheAge’s eastern continent, uniting the races that live there under a single banner. This race values family, responsibility and respect above all else, and prefers to use lighter weapons and armor than the Nuians.

ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release  144111

Dwarves in ArcheAge are similar to Dwarves in other games. Really, any other kind of Dwarf would probably cause Tolkien to rise from the dead and kill us all. They’re stubborn people who love precious metals and gems, but they’re also skilled warriors who will stand valiantly alongside their friends in the face of danger. They prefer to live in mountain caves, building complex villages and structures while mining for anything that shines.

ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release  144131

And finally, the Warborn are revealed. A long time ago we posted an image of what we thought the Warborn would look like. Turns out we were mostly correct. Warborn are neither demons nor humans, but a gigantic race who excel at killing things (such as dragons). No one knows for sure where they came from, not even Warborn elders, so they’ve joined the effort to discover the lost history of ArcheAge’s world on the northern continent in an attempt to learn more about themselves.

ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release  144159

Elves live a secluded life in the forest, meditating
on the history carved in artifacts they find there. They are envied across the world for their beauty, yet feared for their enigmatic activities. Some Elves wander dangerous lands in search
of battle and a glorious death, while others wish only to recover their long lost traditions.

ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release  Archeagew031280x720h17gq8p066

The Ferres are a nomadic race that never stays in one place for long.
Each member of the tribe owns a tamed snow lion that serves as a mount, a valuable asset, and a lifelong companion. The Ferres will fight for survival at any cost, sometimes even by abandoning their comrades when threatened enough. It is this conviction that emboldens them to continue wandering the world, searching for an untouched land to worship and call their own.

ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release  0804_snow_lion

The progeny of the Goddess Nui, the Nuians seek to preserve
and follow their honored traditions.They revere nature and natural beauty and value harmony
above all else, but fight fearlessly to protect their beliefs. Some day they hope to see the revival of their collapsing kingdom.

ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release  Nuians1

You can choose from four premade classes (Warrior, Priest, Mage, Ranger) or…

…create your own custom class!

Here’s how the system works:

There are ten schools available during custom class creation, but you can only choose three.

Later you can switch schools, but you can never have more than three enabled at once.

You can eventually master a school; however, if you choose to switch one out for another (a very expensive operation) you’ll have to start over as an apprentice.

Overall there are 120 possible combinations available, so ArcheAge has effectively 120 classes!

Each school has it’s own unique skills and some schools work better together than others. Some skills can be combined to do extra damage, such as a levitation bubble and a telekinesis throw.

Here’s a translated list of the schools that were available in the closed beta tests:

Combat (Melee combat skills.)
Witchcraft (Debuffs and crowd control.)
Invincibility (Tank skills for damage-soaking and surviving.)
Will (Magical damage, magic defence, opening portals.)
Necromancy (Necromancy.)
Wild Nature (Ranger and taming skills.)
Magic (Magic.)
Assassin (Burst damage skills.)
Romance (Buffs, singing and dancing.)
Love (Healing and resurrection.)

ArcheAge is using a combination of features from both CryEngine 2 and CryEngine 3, developed by CryTek. The core of the game is using CryEngine 2, while aspects such as the physics make use of CryEngine 3.
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ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release :: Comments

I was bored :O gives you an English patch . I bought and it works great Smile

ArcheAge confirmed for NA and EU release

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