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 vii needs advice (crazy ass roommate) >8(

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Postvii needs advice (crazy ass roommate) >8(

okay, so you know the roommate and her boyfriend who keep stealing my food? yeah.

my roommate 1. says she's missing a bunch of money and thinks either me or my other roommate stole it, and 2. might have stolen my security deposit from my other place.

should i try to move or stay here and try to prosecute and get her evicted?


Spectr wrote:
Vii is in charge!?


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vii needs advice (crazy ass roommate) >8( :: Comments

find another roommate O:
Stab her while she sleeps and sell her stuff to get your money back? It's what I would do. >_>
id go with the first option but only if the other roommater is gonna be on your side and is gonna do it as well. also, id call your last place and check on the deposit check, if she has cashed it, they can trace it back to her and then you hasve proof. if she hasnt they can put a trace on it now and catch her when she does try and cash it.
>.<' damn, i should have followed you guy's advice earlier and laced my food with ex-lax and taught her a lesson. x.x rotfl
Re: vii needs advice (crazy ass roommate) >8(
Post on Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:19 pm by Guest
I would recommend picking up the corn. It might be frozen, but when it thaws out it's going to be all squishy and feel gross when you step on it.

Regardless of if you stay or leave, if she really is that crazy, you should at least talk to the landlord and let her know that if she ends up breaking more stuff it's definitely not your fault. You don't want to get stuck paying for stuff she does to the apartment while you're living there.

vii needs advice (crazy ass roommate) >8(

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