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 Arrrrrgh I hate you internet/computers/youtube/art

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PostArrrrrgh I hate you internet/computers/youtube/art

Every time I try to post a picture, youtube link, or anything besides text (and emoticons) it either takes over 10 minutes to get it to work (and I've given up before those 10 minutes are over) or I fuck it up and get a really long string of random letters, [words in brackets], broken hypertext links, /lots/of/slashes, and usually my credit card number finds its way in there too somehow. I hate computers. Evil or Very Mad

Also, I've been putting off making a real avatar for ages and, as you can tell, have been using one of forumotion default pics in the meantime. I finally sat down to do it and have been wondering: where do you get renders? I find renders on DA and various other image searches, but is it ok to use these? Are you supposed to ask permission? Does everyone else? I know there's no copyright law protecting these, but I don't want to steal someone's work unless they put it up intending for it to be used by anyone who wanted to.

Lastly, I've been messing with photoshop. How do you people still have hair? I've pulled mine out trying to figure out all these buttons. There's millions of these jerks! Evil or Very Mad
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Arrrrrgh I hate you internet/computers/youtube/art :: Comments

no, no one really worries about giving people credit for renders. there's usually OVER 9000 copies of the same render all over teh internets anyway. i usually find mine on google images. maybe you could get someone to make you an avatar....

maybe you could look up some photoshop tutorials on youtube?

and that sucks about your difficulty posting. does it do the same thing on other sites, or just this one? D:
Re: Arrrrrgh I hate you internet/computers/youtube/art
Post on Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:58 pm by Guest
Oh ok thanks! That's good to know as I already started working on an avi with a render I didn't get permission to use.

No, it wasn't a complaint about the site, just a complaint about my ineptness at using forums. I was just frustrated because I thought I had gotten a youtube link to work and then when I was on the same thread a few days later to read someone else's post, I noticed that my own post had degraded into a pile of unreadable crap. Upon trying to edit it to make it work again, I came to the realization that I fail at the internets, gave up and made a blog post about it.
it happens. Also vii, you should really be a little more clear about renders. C4d files that are created by people and hosted on or anywhere else, along with a creative commons level 3 licence DO require permission under the penalty of law.

But in most cases there's no big deal. especially if the artwork in the render is not their own.
i actually didn't know that. O.o

probably because i just stick my crappy art on deviantart and then leave. >.>
i am bald actually. welcome to photoshopping.

Arrrrrgh I hate you internet/computers/youtube/art

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