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 free rapes!!! <3

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Epitome of Weirdness
Epitome of Weirdness

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Postfree rapes!!! <3

nyaaaaaaaaaa i'm making a spam blog! 8D *prison rapes all yall weirdos*

they keep making me work evenings at work, and i've had to cook because of my stomach, so that's why i'm not on much.

random vii updates:

my apartment's water pressure is insanely low. our sink, shower, and toilet all fail at life now. showering sucks especially, it takes forever for it to heat up and the pressure is so low it's like hot water mixed with cold air.

i can't get the radiator in my room to work, and it's fookin cold in here all the time. and when it's not, my space heater's probably using up a ton of electricity. >8(

i baby-sat my sister's dog tonight. he's really old, he kept walking around in circles nonstop. O.o poor doggeh. >.< then i got home around ten, didn't feel like cooking, and bought some over-priced pizza for dinner even though i need my munnies.

i blame king for zan's misdeeds.

i have sweet and sour twizzlers. now THAT is some good stuff!

i'm bored. exhausted though. Dx

that is all. ^.>

Spectr wrote:
Vii is in charge!?


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free rapes!!! <3 :: Comments

Re: free rapes!!! <3
Post on Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:39 am by KnG_BlkY
blame me for the pizza then >_>
Re: free rapes!!! <3
Post on Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:45 am by Ventlus
*accepts rape*
Re: free rapes!!! <3
Post on Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:09 am by Zangetsu
I don't commit misdeeds.
Re: free rapes!!! <3
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free rapes!!! <3

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