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 The Journey

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PostThe Journey

Been a while since I made a work quite like this.
Hope you all like it.

The Journey

The path to discover who you are, to find your calling is a long, long, lonley road. Not even those closest to you can see it, or walk it with you.
When you first set foot on this road, there's but one thing you can do.

Feel the world around you. Feel its warm embrace, and its cold touch. Its glimmering light, and its blinding shadows.
Its pulse, its calling, and its stillness.

When you begin to follow it, cast aside your mortal shell.
Your dreams, your greed, your hopes and sadness.
Offer them all, want for nothing.
Eventually, you will find yourself in a place nobody else can reach, see or touch.
There you will find the truth.
One person, one world.
So small, yet so strong.
But, only if you can find the way.

Where you go from there, are places unimaginable.
Your eyes, no longer clouded, your heart no longer closed.
Your mind no longer fogged, and your potential now unknown.

Limitless truths, endless dimensions and dreams.
Possibility, improbability, all amount to nothing.
What matters most, is what you discover.

For some, there is joy, but just as much sorrow.
For others, a realm far worse than any hell.

The truth of this world, your world, always brings pain, but if you can handle it...then you can handle anything.

I know this, because I feel it. The caressing wind from the vally of dreams.
The calm tranquility and innocence in each child's potential, the anger, and rancor in people's closed hearts, the joy and that soaring feeling felt by every parent, when they first see their child.

All of it, is tied together, blowing from the vally of dreams, in the wind of life.
High above the world, not physiclly, but emotionally, and spiritually.

Riding on these winds, I search now for my dream.
Come heaven, hell or eternal nothingness, i'll not falter.
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Re: The Journey
Post on Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:53 pm by Dany
is nice

The Journey

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